Marker Balls


These Marker Balls comply with AS/NZ 3891

These marker balls are highly visible, durable, clam-shell designed, permanent warning markers suitable for distribution powerlines and guy wires.

orange marker ball


Simple to specify and fit
as 1 size fits all conductors
up to 24 mm dia









Download Marker Ball info sheet here 

all three

1. Tape strapped to cable. 2. Wind strap to about 25mm- cut off excess. 3. Bolt top half to lower shell.


Guy Wire Markers

These 22 cm guy wire markers are bright, highly visible spherical cable markers that help pilots and birds avoid potentially fatal collisions with hard-to-see guy lines.

guy wire markers-pp2

PART 1550 Guy markers will hold tightly to any wire size

















Download Guy wire marker info sheet

Download installation sheet 

The Powermark

The Powermark can be installed from the ground with a bayonette style hotstick. It does not require a MEWP (bucket truck) and is made from long lasting red polyethylene and corrosion-free stainless steel components. 


PART 1500









LED Obstruction Light

The Dialight 860 Series red LED obstruction light is the first ETL certified LED based L-810 obstruction light. Designed for steady burning, this fixture is used to mark any obstacle that may present hazards to aircraft navigation.


PART 2012 available in 12v and 240v



• Up to 10 times longer life when compared to the incandescent bulb
• Over 89% reduced energy consumption – 12.5W vs 116W for incandescent bulb
• Designed with transient protection
• Earth grounding provisions provided
• Unique optically designed lens to enhance LED operation and provide 360 degree visibility at 70 cd typical
• Weather/corrosion resistant lamp assembly and housing
• Self-contained wiring compartment eliminates additional boxes
• Single or dual fixtures
• Threaded 1″ bottom hub for mounting
• Adaptable to Crouse-Hinds* VAW Series housing base

 Compliance with following Specification: AC # 150/5345-43E ICAO(ANNEX 14, JULY 1990) MIL-C-7989