spanguard1SpanGUARD marker balls
Suitable for transmission lines, SpanGUARD markers have been in service since 1950, secured to the power line by armour rods.

The secret of the SpanGUARD is its unique construction and method of attachment. SpanGUARDs are fastened to the conductor by means of spiral formed armor rods. These spiral rods actually reinforce the conductor at the point of attachment and are completely slip-proof. They are designed to protect the conductor.

SpanGUARDs are the best power line markers on the market. Each marker is constructed of Rovel ABS, a material that is long-lasting with good colour retention.


spanguard 1 

Clam-Shell Design

The new SpanGUARD/HeliMARK clam-shell design makes it easy to install power line markers from helicopters, from buckets, from bosuns chairs. The installer can almost completely assemble the marker onthe ground. This leaves only the three bolts nearest him to install up in the air.

SpanGUARD/HeliMARK Markers make it possible to install markers on previously inaccessible lines across rivers, or deep canyons, or environmentally sensitive areas where it is not feasible to take the lines out of service for installation of markers. The SpanGUARD/HeliMARK, patent pending, design makes the installation of markers by helicopter or bucket easy. Recently Haverfield Helicopter installed 102 of the Model 20 SpanGUARD / HeliMARK markers with two helicopters in 7 1/2hours, including refuelling time. Marking of all hazardous power lines is now feasible.

SpanGUARD  Powerline markers make overhead lines visible to overhead aircraft. SpanGUARD markers have been used since 1950. The SpanGUARD markers (patented) design makes the installation of markers by helicopter quick and easy.

Preform attachment

The secret of SpanGUARD is it’s unique construction and method of attachment. SpanGUARDs are fastened to the conductor with spiral formed armour rods. These rods reinforce the conductor and are completely slip-proof. SpanGUARDs can be installed in a few minutes without special tools.