Asset Numbers

High Quality for Poles, Switches, Transformers and Sub Stations

Numbers from 10mm to 160mm high

Complete sign marking systems making it possible for you to make up signs yourself for all kinds of purposes. The system consists of a baseplate and characters. The Edges of the baseplates are folded so that letters and numbers can be easily slipped in and fixed. The characters are inserted from right to left, and then the baseplate is cut and crimped. We can also make them up for you to order.


2510 Baseplate with H25 punched out numbers

BASEPLATES- specifically designed for components for the signmaking systems. The baseplates are trimmed using the Combi-Crimp tool. 


Combi Crimp tool

2560 Crimp Tool H25/H50

 COMBI-CRIMP cuts and seals the baseplate and punches the hole for fixing — all in one go! The baseplate is cut to the exact length required allowing the offcut to be used for the next label.






H10 Black/Yellow numbers

This is the smallest version of The H numbers series. The characters are 10mm high and can be used for many purposes- labelling substation cabinets, switches, operating instructions and other uses.




2550 Assortment Box H25/H50

 COMPLETE ASSORTMENT BOX – specifically designed for a complete set of components for the signmaking systems. Letters, numbers and symbols, baseplates and special tools.





Creating Pole numbers using the Combi-Crimp tool


Assortment box holds more than 1,000 characters

   Select the required numbers







Slide the numbers into baseplate channel

 After crimping one end, slide the numbers into the baseplate







Preparation for trimming , punching and crimping

 Insert the baseplate and numbers into the Combi-Crimp tool which pushes them to the left hand end.




Trimming the H25 baseplate


Finished H50 label


Crimp tool set up for H10




Guillotine cuts off excess baseplate and tool crimps the edges to hold the numbers in place



















Compact H25 pole number