Bird Diverters

Afterglow reduce outages on overhead lines due to bird strike

This innovative patented device absorbs sunlight and re-emits as UV, in a range that birds can see. The disc swings from a snap clamp which is fitted to conductors with a hot stick from the ground. Birds detect the movement and colour and veer away preventing outages due to bird strike. They have been in use in New Zealand, Australia & Worldwide for 17 years. They fit any size conductor or aerial bundled cable.


In strong UV light

The afterglow diverters are designed to prevent strikes of large and small birds but are especially effective with large fast birds such as swans.In early morning light some power lines are hard to see and the movement of the diverter in the wind is detected by birds. Once in position the diverter will not slide down the line and as it weighs only 120 gm does not affect sag. As the roundel swings out in a strong wind it produces very little windage.

 The disc is clipped to the powerline with our well proven snap fast clamp, which is the same clip used for the family of devices supplied by Energy Equipment. 

 The Afterglow as it appears at night 




  • Highly Visible- The afterglow absorbs sunlight and re-emitts UV light which birds see readily, alerting them to the presence of the powerline.
  • Ground Fitted- They can be fitted from the ground with a hot stick and special tool
  • Easily Removed- They can be easily removed with a simple hook toolSecure. The snap clamp holds securely on conductors up to 70mm dia.
  • Proven in use in NZ and OZ for over 14 years
  • Suitable for 110 kV- The snap clamp can be used to display numbers for feeder ID


The spinning disc has 2 brilliantly reflective patches, orange one side, yellow on the other which unsettle birds causing them to fly away. At night the firefly constantly flashes reflective light as the panel rotates and when there is no light the luminous patches glow for up to 8 hours. Secure and easy attachment to wires or structures.


Spinning freely

Yellow side


Low light


  •  Highly Visible. Birds see the Firefly and veer away
  • Ground Fitted. They can be fitted from the ground with a hot stick and tool
  • Removal. They can be easily removed with a hook tool
  • Secure- the snap clamp holds securely on conductors up to 70mm dia.
  • Proven in use in Europe for many years
  • Suitable for 132kV  


“I have been supplying powerline and pole markers including warning flags, bird diverters, firefly deterents, LED obstruction lights, safety and asset labels to the power industry for many years. We are in the business of making hazards visible.

I believe in safety and conserving the environment and I now concentrate on safety and wildlife protection. All of our products are high quality and sourced from environmentally aware companies.”

Peter Wadams