The Quickmark clearly marks power lines, generally during construction works. It is easy to apply and remove.

Quickmark is a durable, highly visible and reflective permanent powerline marker. The 260mm diameter disc is ideal for quarries and other long-term hazard marking. 

Available in 10-70 or 6-16 clamp

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Quickmark application PDF

Quickmark on line, with 6-16mm (small) clamp. Yellow flower is reflective. This one is along the line orientation.

Quickmark removal with hook tool on hot stick

Quickmark installation with our special tool, attached to hot stick. Springs cause the claws to close over the line when the clamp body is pushed gently against the wire. The inner jaws have nitrile rubber pads to protect the line, and prevent the mark sliding along the line in wind.

Quickmark swings in the breeze, improving visibility.

We can mark any overhead wires or structures.

Energy Equipment are specialists and we have a marker for every different possible application. The markers have been developed over many years to be highly effective.  Warning flags are highly visible and preferred by pilots when they are engaged in low level flying. From the high tech after glow to a metal marker for EHV, Energy Equipment has a powerline marker that will suit your needs.



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Leaders in Powerline Marking

Energy Equipment has been in the visibility business for many years and has a large range of markers for overhead gear. We sell equipment for the power, construction & mining industries, including  aircraft warning markers, bird diverters, fireflys, warning flags, powerline marker balls, guy wire markers, asset labels, pole labels and LED Obstruction lights. Energy Equipment introduced warning flags to Australasia and the many flags we have supplied since their introduction in 2004  have been used on construction sites, road building  quarries  have  prevented many vehicle versus wire accidents.


Flag Powerline Markers

These durable flags mark the powerlines and are made from rip stop vinyl and have a class 1 reflective patch stuck to both sides.

Hammar H50 – High visibility

For excellent visibility from a distance, Hammar H50 letters & numbers are superb.

Clearly readable from 50 metres, these marking characters are suitable for poles & transformers accessed by roads or service lanes.

Complete marking systems in aluminium to make it possible for you to assemble signs for all kind of purposes. The system consists of baseplates with letters, numbers and characters. The edge of the baseplate are folded so that they easily can be slipped in and assembled. The letters, numbers and characters are screen printed, excluding H25 marking system with letters numbers and characters punched out of the aluminium plate. To ensure ultimate weather resistance they are made from weather proof aluminium and then coated with a unique varnish after printing. You can choose between “self-assembled” or “ready-made” signs from our factory in our different marking systems. We stock a standard supply of letters, numbers, characters and symbols.