Warning Flags


PART 1055 Orange/White patch Small 6:16 Clamp

Bright Orange Constantly Moving Flags make nearly invisible power lines able to be seen

  • Marks the position of nearly invisible wires for cranes & high vehicles.
  • Can be used to mark smaller wires such as earth wires as it weighs only 180 gm and causes almost no windage.
  • Can be used as an aircraft warning flag for helicopter operations
  • The diamond grade reflective patch shines in sunlight or at night with incident light aiding visibility
  • This marker has a snap clamp which is easily fitted to conductors with a hotstick from the ground.
  • Approved for use by power companies as it will not damage their conductors and prevents accidents
  • Prevent danger to staff and damage to equipment and avoid costly claims from power companies
  • More durable and easier to install than pennant style flag strings

Application of 10-70 clamp with hotstick and red tool PART: 1024

Download Marker Flag Info PDF


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